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Ali Azmat

Ali Azmat’s heavy textured oil paintings portray a marginalised subculture: that of eunuchs. He delves deep into their world with a frank gaze: dancers at local weddings, beggars in the street, criminals and extortionists to some, sex workers at night and eccentric human beings when alone.



born in Multan in 1973,

Graduated as a gold medalist with Masters in Fine Arts from Punjab University in 1999.

Since then the artist has shown his work in 11 solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad.

He was the recipient of a" National Excellence Award" by Pakistan National Council of the Arts in 2003,"Award of Excellence" given by Artist's Association of the Pakistan in 2003 and 2012.

Currently a faculty member of the College of Art & Design,University of the Punjab,Lahore,Pakistan.

The artist work has been shown Nationally and Internationally to great acclaim.


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