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Imrana Tanveer

Imrana Tanveer is a visual artist and writer based in Karachi. She completed her Master degree in visual arts from National College of Arts, Lahore. She is currently holding a post of art director at Morpheme Studios,




(2013): The Tangled Warps, Dyed Corpse, Alliance Francaise Karachi, Karachi

(2013): I Saw Two Crows Building a Nest Under His Hat, Taseer Art Gallery, Lahore(2013) Group exhibition: Beyond Borders: Contemporary Art from Sub-continent, Experimental Art Gallery, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi(2013) Group exhibition: All Puns End With Guns, The Rohtas Gallery, Islamabad(2013) Group exhibition: Just Ordinary Tales, VM Art Gallery, Karachi(2013) Group exhibition: Drawing From the Land, Gallery 39-K, Lahore(2013) School_and_college exhibition: Bread and Butter, Taseer Art Gallery, Lahore(2012) Group exhibition: An Exhibition of Works by Young Pakistani Artists’,, Curated by Imran Qureshi, at the residence of the US Ambassador, Islamabad(2012) Group exhibition: Love Affair, Zahoor-ul-Ikhlaq Gallery, Lahore(2011) Group exhibition: Red Hot, Al-Hamra Art Council, Lahore


Artist Statement

Her work is the combination of different textile techniques and mediums. Her work reflects the present political and social inequality and breakdown of our country that led us to the extreme instability, uncertainty, confusion, violence, oppression and thousands of killings. Her work is a straight forward comment to what is going on by combining the specific cultural knitting, social narratives, historical contexts intertwine with popular stereotypes.


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