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Madiha Sikandar

Madiha Sikandar


Madiha Sikandar’s family emigrated to Pakistan from Bihar. Her nostalgic rerendering of old photographs is an attempt to rewrite history and gloss over the horrors of partition.


Madiha Sikander was born in Hyderabad, Pakistan in 1987. She is a visual artist and writer who in lives in Lahore. She graduated from the National College of Arts, Lahore in 2009 and was awarded a distinction for her thesis project ‘Anonymous’ .   Built of complex layers that simultaneously address the past, the present, the social, political and personal, Sikander’s work with the book is able to simultaneously engage notions of identity, ownership, memory and erasure.

Her works have been exhibited nationally and internationally including shows in Paris, Switzerland, USA, Kenya, Sri Lanka, India and Singapore. She has had a solo show ‘Home is where…’ at Koel Gallery, 2013.

She was a part of the 11th Wasanii International Artist’s Workshop at Kuona Trust, Kenya and Regional

Workshop, Theertha in 2012. In 2014 she was awarded UNESCO Aschberg Bursary for Emerging Artists following which she pursued a residency at the Bundanon Trust, Australia.

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