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Noreen Rashid

Shiblee Munir and Noreen Rashid use symbols of our past culture as the seat of imperial power within the subcontinent melded with circus images to show the degradation of our culture and history.


Artist Statement


The “nostalgic period” early art learning in my life echoing all the time in my subconsciouslike a particular alphabet in easy that consistently poke our continuation to an inevitablepause to remind them, earthier for a moment or a while, we step retreat for a moment andstart thinking to them and make some idealistic stories which led year to year.I am going to work on re-contextualization through visual citation.Whenever I saw the traditional miniature paintingsI wish to be a part of that fanaticized world. Alas I can’t go back into that period but can enjoy the charm ofthat era through my artworks. So, I used to visit that historical spaces,explore the books in commemoration of them and document my pleasant moments.I took reference from past and make a future for new world on tabletop (wasli).I call it “re-citation” in the process of transformation of a visual.Hence I used to measure and note this time through the documentation for amusement.The current body of work is based on the same sensibility in which I am tearing imagery from miniature art history (my early art learning process) that always inspired me a lot due to several reasons and idealizing them unlikely in such a socio-political way though I experience in a very cunning way that always hurt my fantasy.


I can say my current work is a discussion, in between my fantasy and the consumerist war.

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