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Wajahat Ali

Currently living and working in Lahore. He graduated from with a masters from National College of Arts, Lahore in 2014. Wajahat uses humour and the element of suprise to resolve complex issues relating to identity. His use of ultra - violet light is a tongue in cheek illustration of how much of what happens in Pakistan is unseen and below the surface.


At first it seems like the world’s best party trick. Flick the light switch and the painting is suddenly a super amplified version of itself. Hidden images start popping out of Wajahat’s work thanks to his use of invisible ink and ultra violet light. But at a second glance layers of meaning unfold and subtle narratives begin to slowly reveal themselves and you realize that there this is more to his art than a gimmick. Wajahat is the grandson of Ustaad Allah Baksh. Like his grandfather Wajahat’s art is full of charming characters and personal stories of how those individuals relate to their environment.



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